Railbus operation is concluded for this year. Weather permitting there may be a few runs in November but call first.

Please arrive fifteen minutes before your departure time to check in, otherwise your reservations may be given to passengers on the standby list.

NCNGRR Museum           Northern Queen Inn

Railbus Timetable No. 7

       Effective April 29, 2017

   Train 2   Departs   10:40a         ->        Arrives   10:56a 

​                     Arrives    11:15a         <-         Departs  10:59a

   Train 6   Departs    2:40p        ->        Arrives    3:00p 

​                     Arrives     3:25p        <-        Departs   3:05p

The NCNGRR Museum is pleased to announce regularly scheduled railbus excursions beginning Saturday, April 29, 2017 and continuing until  the end of our season on October 31.  Passengers may board at either the NCNGRR Museum or the Northern Queen Inn  in Nevada City.  The 35 minute round-trip travels along Gold Run Creek past the Inn Town Campground, gold mining sites, and parallels a portion of the original route of the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad.  


   Train 3   Departs   11:30a         ->        Arrives   11:50a 

​                     Arrives    12:15p         <-       Departs  11:55a

   Train 1   Departs   09:40a         ->        Arrives   10:00a 

​                     Arrives    10:25a         <-        Departs  10:05a

Reservations may be made by calling the Museum during normal business hours on 530-470-0902.  Because of the volume of calls, we can no longer accept reservation requests left on the office recorder. 

Passengers are ticketed on a first come, first served basis.  Sign-up sheets are available at the NCNGRR Museum and in the lobby of the Northern Queen Inn. 

   Train 4   Departs   12:50p        ->        Arrives   1:10p 

​                     Arrives     1:35p        <-         Departs  1:15p

The railbus operates on Saturdays only.

   Train 5   Departs    1:50p         ->        Arrives   2:06p 

​                     Arrives     2:25p        <-        Departs  2:09p

Railbus Schedule

There is no charge to ride.  However, the railbus can only operate with the financial support of the passengers.  Please consider a donation when you reserve your trip. 

Welcome to the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum