Boxcar 507 - Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad
1889 - Built 1889 by American Car & Foundry

Length: 30' Capy: 50,000 lbs.
1914 - Sold to Nevada-California-Oregon as 507.
1923 - Leased to Southern Pacific renumbered 26.
1928 - Sold to Southern Pacific
1955 - Sold to Universal Studios
1986 - To Nevada County Historical Society.
1996-2000 - Rebuilt and renumbered NCNGRR 142.
Present - NCNGRR Museum, Nevada City, CA

Passenger Coach 56 - Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad
Length: 40', 42 seats.
Built 1897 by St. Charles Car Co., St. Charles, MO.
1915 - Sold to Nevada-California-Oregon Railway.
1928 - Retired
1929 - Used as a cafe in Aden, CA.
c 1970 - Used as party room for a miniature golf course at Chico, CA.
1983 - Acquired by Nevada County Historical Society.
2008 - Resided and painted.

2102 - Damaged by falling tree.  Awaiting restoration.

Present - NCNGRR Museum, Nevada City, CA

Engine 10 - NCNGRR Museum

(This  is Museum’s No.10, not the original NCNGRR No.10)
Built April, 1943, Plymouth Locomotive Works
Construction: 4592, Model: FLB 
Weight: 5 tons, Gauge: 36”
Length: 12’0”, Wheel Base 39”
1943 - Sunflower Ordinance Works, DeSoto, Kansas
Sold to Apache Powder Co. No. 8, Benson (St. David), Arizona
1986 - Nevada County Historical Society.
2007 - Converted to 12v ignition system; air compressor added.

Present - NCNGRR Museum, Nevada City, CA

Engine 1 - West Side Lumber Co.

West Side 8 ton Plymouth #1. Built in 1927. Sold to Garfield & Co., San Francisco, Cal. To Frank B. Marks, Newman, Cal. (1928). To Pickering Lumber Co. for West Side Lumber Co. To WS&CVRR 1968.  Donated to NCHS 2011 and restored in 2012.

Engine 13 - NCNGRR Museum

Built 2007-2009, Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum
Type: 0-4-0 Gauge: 36" 
Weight: 8,000 lbs. Tractive Effort: 1,300 lbs.
Wheel Base: Engine, 13'-0" Driving, 56"
Boiler: Forced draft steam generator, 135 psig
Fuel: Fuel oil, 300,000 BTU/hr
Cylinders: Diameter, 5.0" Stroke, 12.0"
Valve Gear: Baker (Inside admission)

Engine 5 - Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad
Built 1875, Baldwin Locomotive Works
1875 - Carson & Tahoe Lumber and Fluming
1899 - Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad
1941 - Frank Lloyd Productions, Universal Studios,                         Burbank, CA

1985 - Nevada County Historical Society
Present - NCNGRR Museum, Nevada City, CA

Rolling Stock

West Side Lumber Co. (two side window) Parts Car.

Located by John Christensen and purchased by NCHS from Matt Grebe on October 29, 1987. Periodic restorations in 1996, 2005, 2010 and completion in 2016. Dick Murundee and Dan Schlesinger as restoration leads.

Caboose 1 -Westside Lumber Co.

Before and After a trip through the NCNGRRM shop.

Caboose 4 – West Side Lumber Co.
Built  1940 West Side Lumber Co.
1986 – Sold to Glen Tyra, Tuolumne, CA
1994 – Sold to Bev Cola, Placerville, CA
2011 – Sold to John Christensen

Present - Restored by NCNGRR Museum, Nevada City, CA

Boiler Engine 3 - Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad

Built 1887, Baldwin Locomotive Works

Type: 4-4-0 Gauge: 36"

This was the third and last engine purchased new for the NCNGRR. It served on the railroad until destroyed in a fire at the Grass Valley yards in 1915.  The boiler was sold to a mine near Carson City, Nevada in 1926 and was finally returned to Nevada County in 1997, seventy-one years after it left.

Present - On display in the NCNGRR Museum parking lot.

Rail Bus 9 - "Sarah Kidder"
     The rail bus is named for Sarah Kidder, president of the NCNGRR from 1901 to 1913.

      Built in the 1970's as Westside & Cherry Valley Railway’s No.9.  The rail bus soon ended its career in a collision with a parked Shay locomotive.
     The museum purchased the wreck in 1986 for $200.  The bus sat untouched for the next nineteen years.
     The remains were moved to the restoration shop in 2004.  Sierra winters had deteriorated the vehicle to the point that only the chassis, differential and wheels were salvageable.

Bus first restored in 2003-4 by Ralph Lansig as lead.  Another rebuild  in 2015 resulted in the vehicle you see today..  


Argent Lumber Co. #5  2-6-2 Prairie

Built in 1911 for Williamson & Brown Land and Lumber Company. To Argent Lumber Company Railroad, Hardeville, South Carolina 1916. To NCNGRR Museum on museum loan in 2013.

​​ The bus features disc brakes, a brass LeRoi radiator shell, Ford Model A headlights and taillights, and a trunk from a 1924 Buick. Passengers sit on benches salvaged from Westside & Cherry Valley excursion car No. 203

Caboose 1 – Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad
1937 – Original built in Grass Valley shop by NCNGRR Master Mechanic John Nolan.
1942 – Scrapped after closure of the NCNGRR
1986 – Replica built by John Christensen from original photographs and drawings by Herman Darr who acquired the dimensions from John Nolan.  Trucks and couplers came from West Side Lumber Company’s Block Car “A”.
2001 – Donated to NCNGRR Museum
2006 – Roof and cupola rebuilt, interior finished

Present – NCNGRR Museum, Nevada City, CA

Tank 187 - Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad
Length 26 feet, 4 inches.  Capacity 5,570 gallons.
Tank built 1888 by Central Iron Works, Harrisburg, PA
1906-1934 - Owned by Union Oil Co. and operated on Pacific Coast Railway flat No. 915
1934 - Acquired by Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad and mounted on flat car 187

Present - Restored by NCNGRR Museum, Nevada City, CA

(Partial List)

Welcome to the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum

​A Westside Blockcar in its natural setting.

The car was loaded with scrap from the mill and then hauled out to the camps for cooking and heating.

Gondola 10 - West Side Lumber Co.
Built Circ. 1930 by West Side Lumber Co. as Tank Car 10
1957 - Tank scrapped. Converted to Sand Car 10
Circ. 1977 - Converted to open excursion car by Westside & Cherry Valley Railway
1986 - Sold to Matt Griebe, Carmichael, CA
1988 - Sold to NCNGRR Museum
2004 - Dismantled

2010 - Rebuilt to original gondola configuration

​Present - NCNGRR Museum, Nevada City, CA

Block Car "B" - West Side Lumber Co.

Built in 1940’s by WSLC. Located and purchased by John Christensen and dismantled at the Tuolumne, CA mill site in 1986. Trucks and couplers used for NCNGRR replica caboose. Other car parts used as needed for restoration from Block Car "A".